[vdr] VDR with S2API (update)

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Sun Dec 14 16:42:21 CET 2008

On 14.12.2008 11:23, matthieu castet wrote:
> - on my configuration the recording only work on vdr#1. on vdr#2 svdrp
> should be used to control recording and ftp to read them (with a video
> player)

I never tried to record on the streaming client, but beside the fact 
that video will go unnecessarily twice across network, it should work 
fine. Playing back recordings from the 'master' VDR by nfs share works 

> - on my configuration some dvb-s and dvb-t channels are the same. If
> vdr#1 is watching a channel on dvb-s (that is also on dvb-t), but vdr#2
> want to use another transponder on dvb-s, the switch should be done by hand.

Its an old discussion whether two channels with same program should be 
treated as one. Sometimes, the schedule may be different at certain day 
times, or quality may be lower as in DVB-T case.

> - IRRC nothing that stop the master (vdr#1) to powerdown (even if vdr#2
> is in use). Nothing that allow vdr#2 to powerdown vdr#1 if nobody watch TV.

My master VDR automatically powers down 5 minutes after the slave VDR 
disconnects, provide it is idle. If it is not, I fire a power key hit 
via SVDRP. Works perfectly. Especially the master never shuts down while 
the slave is running.
To wake the master from the slave, I fire a Wake-on-LAN packet. All done 
via Commands menu.

> - no channel sync

This would make an excellent addition to streamdev.



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