[vdr] VDR with S2API (update)

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Mon Dec 15 11:06:59 CET 2008

On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 16:42:21 +0100, Udo Richter wrote
> > - no channel sync
> This would make an excellent addition to streamdev.

Rather a separate plugin or at most part of epgsync-Plugin. Streamdev should
stick to what it was meant for: streaming. Remember 4 years ago: Remotetimers
feature was part of streamdev by that time. The menu classes in VDR 1.3
started to change frequently and noone kept up with the necessary changes to

Personally I never missed a channel sync feature. The major channels rarely
ever change. Futhermore streamdev and related plugins all use the channel ID,
so no need to have the same channel numbers on client and server. Also channel
updates and link channels work right out of the box.


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