[vdr] 1080p ready VDR

Gerald Dachs vdr at dachsweb.de
Fri Dec 26 00:13:45 CET 2008

> > There are also Mainboards with onboard Nvidia 9300 or 9400 GPU's.
> > They also support VDPAU.
> Hmm, sounds good. I'll search for some of them.

For an AMD 4850e CPU you can use Boards with 8200/8300 GPUs.
They are very similar to the 9300/9400 GPUs on Boards for
Intel CPUs. VDPAU supports the 8200/8300 GPUs, but there
is no official statement whether the codec VC-1 is supported.
Some users got it running, it seems.
A Board with this GPU will be my next, because there are no
9300/9400 Boards with ATX-Form factor and 3 PCI-Slots.


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