[vdr] Problem with VDR 1.5.14 and FF card version 2.1 card and channels with high bitrate

Magnus Andersson svankan at bahnhof.se
Fri Feb 1 19:17:00 CET 2008


I have problems with channels that uses high bitrate on Thor 1W. A few
channels uses between 10-11 Mbit/s mpeg2 and if I use tv-out from FF
card vdr 1.5.14 the picture glitches and the remote response becomes
really slow. It can take 10 seconds or more to change channel. There are
no problems if I use xineliboutput and vdr 1.5.14 or channels with low
bitrate. VDR 1.4.7 is ok with both xinliboutput plugin and tv-out from
FF card so my question is how to log this? I start vdr with option -l 3
but there is nothing in the log.

vdr 1.5.14

I have seen this in earlier versions of 1.5 so it is not related to
1.5.14 only.


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