[vdr] Looking for DVB-T card (TVHD compatible) for vdr

karim kafifi at orange.fr
Sat Feb 2 16:24:34 CET 2008

@igor and @nico,

Thanks for your responses.

In France, MPEG4 HDTV DVB-T will begin shortly (several weeks). I don't know yet if we will swap to DVB-T2 around 2009-2010 :-( Since I need two DVB-T tuners by vdrbox, I won't buy WinTV-HVR-4000, it will be too much expensive (env 190 € each in France !). It's better for me to choose a double tuner PCI DVB-T card. As any budget can receive DVB-T, even in HDTV mode, I plan to buy one of theses items :

Choice 1 :
=> unfortunately, I didn't find this hardware in Europe. "Where to buy" gives "glowlounge techno" in UK, "FNAC" and "Surcouf" in France, but none of theses has the card. Could you please confirm that there is no compatibility problem, with this model in France ? If someone know a reseller in Europe, please give as the link !

Choice 2 :
=> No problem to find this card in France, but I am not 100% shure that the hardware will be TVHD compliant.
Hauppauge doesn't communicate about that, contrary to fusionhdtv. 

As usually, any comment will be appreciate.


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