[vdr] Straw poll: stable version 1.6.0 now?

Markku Virtanen markku.virtanen at phpoint.fi
Sun Feb 3 20:30:25 CET 2008

Hello Klaus!


As it has been pointed out generally speaking "texting support" is not 
complete and if new version is released now, it never will. The problem
here is that functionality additions are not finished, only partially
and adding new stuff is started simultaneously.

Only reason for me to switch over from pathced 1.4 would be that
VDR supports complete subtitles and teletext.

When you set up a new stable version out what are you going to manifest 
there? Version 1.6.0: "texting support" yes / no? Partially yes / 
partially no? Take your poll... :)

The work you do with VDR is absolutely great but need for closure like
"texting support" has been there for years and VDR still is not going to 
support it properly not even 1.6.0 out of the box? Patch and patch again?

I'm just wondering can't one major issue be properly finished before 
hopping to another big issue, HDTV support? It can wait like texting 
support has been waiting for years for closure. Then texting support 
would be done and then feel free to do what ever is needed to support 
demands from HDTV users what ever schedule you decide. :D

Br, Markku

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