[vdr] Straw poll: stable version 1.6.0 now?

Nicolas Huillard nicolas at huillard.net
Mon Feb 4 11:43:40 CET 2008

Klaus Schmidinger a écrit :
>    Should there be a stable version 1.6.0 now, based on what's in
>    version 1.5.14, but without DVB-S2 or even H.264 support?
> Yes or No?

1) a stable release shouldn't stop the current development for a long 
time, thus shouldn't delay the S2/H264 and other neat future features,

2) a stable release is becoming kind of important (with features as they 
are in 1.4.13) for packagers and regular users, because of simple delay 
between releases,

3) developpers of this list will continue to use the next development 
suite either, so the stable release won't much impact them

This is a Yes.


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