[vdr] 2 motorized dishes

Christian Schuld chris at sonnengesicht.de
Mon Feb 4 20:05:06 CET 2008

On Montag, 4. Februar 2008, Füley István wrote:
> > implemented in VDR. More generally spoken VDR would need a separate
> > diseqc.conf for each receiving device.
> I know that. But I'm afraid that's not a priority for Klaus, at least not
> now when there's a war between features like H.26 and subtitles :)

Yes, thats true :) But IMHO implementing this feature would require only a few 
dozen lines of addtional source code. May be someone else can do it?

Don't look at me ;-) Neither I do not have time right now nor do it have a 
setup to test it. 

> > To circumvent this situation with current VDR you have to use
> > a.) the sourcecaps-patch and
> Done.
> > b.) trick around with the diseqc commands: you need to assign the same
> > satellite numbers (in the both rotors) for those satellites which can be
> > received with both dishes and put corresponding diseqc 1.2 sequences in
> > diseqc.conf.
> That's not a problem. I have two Strong V50 Diseqc 1.2 positioners, and I
> can set them up to have the same numbers for same satellite positions.
> But how VDR will send the diseqc commands to both of the positioners?

During tuning VDR selects the right device using the sourcecaps patch and 
looks up the right diseqc sequence for that satellite source in diseqc.conf. 
It should work right away, if you setup sourcecaps and disqec correctly.

By the way, you can check the device selection nicely with the femon plugin.


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