[vdr] vdr-rotor support patches for VDR-1.5.14

Arthur Konovalov kasjas at hot.ee
Fri Feb 8 07:05:19 CET 2008

lucian orasanu wrote:
> I say that i will be tester, so rotor patcheches aply
> fine and compile only in this order.
> 1. Rotor patch vdr-1.5.14-h264-other-rotor.diff to
> vdr-rotor-0.1.4-vdr-1.5
> 2. Rotor patch vdr-1.5.14-h264-other-rotor.diff to
> vdr.

I tried same order, but got error:

g++ -g -O2 -Wall -Woverloaded-virtual -Wno-parentheses -c -DREMOTE_KBD 
-DLIRC_DEVICE=\"/dev/lircd\" -DRCU_DEVICE=\"/dev/ttyS1\" -D_GNU_SOURCE 
-DVIDEODIR=\"/video\" -DCONFDIR=\"/video\" -DPLUGINDIR=\"./PLUGINS/lib\" 
-DLOCDIR=\"/usr/local/src/vdr-1.5.14/locale\" -I/usr/include/freetype2 
-I/usr/local/src/multiproto/linux/include device.c
device.c:780: error: prototype for ‘eSetChannelResult cDevice::SetChannel(const 
cChannel*, bool)’ does not match any in class ‘cDevice’
device.h:253: error: candidate is: eSetChannelResult cDevice::SetChannel(const 
cChannel*, bool, cDevice*)
device.c: In member function ‘eSetChannelResult cDevice::SetChannel(const 
cChannel*, bool)’:
device.c:800: error: call of overloaded ‘SetChannel(const cChannel*&, bool)’ is 
device.h:253: note: candidates are: eSetChannelResult cDevice::SetChannel(const 
cChannel*, bool, cDevice*)
device.c:780: note:                 eSetChannelResult cDevice::SetChannel(const 
cChannel*, bool)
make: *** [device.o] Error 1


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