[vdr] VDR on OpenWRT / embedded system

Christian Tramnitz chris.ace at gmx.net
Thu Feb 28 11:41:46 CET 2008


I'm also interested in this topic, although I'm looking for a really 
*embedded* device:
Some newer LCD TV sets are internally based on Linux (yes right!), some 
even using the DVB API (for the internal DVB-T tuner).
I'm currently trying to find out more about the firmware, but I hope it 
might be possible to run VDR right on a TV...

The devices I'm currently looking at are the Philips PFL97 Series and 
Sharp's XL2E Series. Sharp looks currently more promising, as the 
firmware upgrade file is a plain ELF executable, containing a 2.4 kernel 
with a lot of configured USB options.
Philips on the other hand is already using a 2.6 kernel, but I haven't 
been able to extract anything useful out of the image. (Both kernels are 
Montavista and source code is available)

Both devices are also MIPS, so maybe we can get something done for the 
overall architecture.

AFAIK, there is already at least one embedded project working with VDR, 
namely the Open7x0 community running VDR on Siemens' Gigaset M7x0 boxes 
(also MIPS based):
(in German)

Best regards,

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