[vdr] BBC EPG from sat ? (loadepg equivalent ?)

Tony Grant tony at tgds.net
Fri Feb 29 08:58:37 CET 2008

Le jeudi 28 février 2008 à 20:57 +0100, Brian a écrit :

> Problem is that Bleb no longer has all the channels, copyright problems. 
> Thats why I no longer use it. I use the solution pointed out by Tony 
> Grant, it works perfectly well. You can customize which channel's epg it 
> should retrieve. During my VDR PC startup an init script tells the at 
> daemon to run my get epg script after waiting a few seconds to allow VDR 
> to start. So its totally asynchronous to VDR. I prefer not to have 
> anything waiting for the epg script to finish, just in case. I can also 
> call the same script from the OSD if required.

With just BBC1 to 4, ITV1 to 4 and Film4 it takes about three minutes to




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