[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] DVB-S2 + H.264 support for VDR-1.5.12

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Jan 5 18:53:48 CET 2008


Reinhard Nissl schrieb:

>> Well, I was in contact with Marco already and attached you'll
>> find a minimalistic change which reports "channel not available".
>> Now VDR should already be able to kick a low priority DVB-S
>> recording (or transfer thread) from a DVB-S2 device.
> The previous patch was wrong. Only DVB-S2 devices "could" provide
> channels. The revised patch works now as expected.
>> Still missing is to prefer DVB-S devices for DVB-S recordings so
>> that DVB-S2 devices remain available for DVB-S2 recordings of
>> same priority.
> Still to do.

The attached version implements this behavior now. You may want
to experiment a bit with the decision logic as explained below.

The decision is based on the number of modulation systems a card
provides. For example, my NOVA-S provides one (DVB-S) and my
SkyStar HD provides three (DVB-S, DVB-DSS, DVB-S2).

The decision logic is implemented in cDevice::GetDevice(), so
have a look into device.c. After applying the patch, you'll find
two lines in that function marked with comments like /*1*/ and
/*2*/, and the latter one was disabled by a line comment.

In my scenario with just the above cards and vdr-xine as software
device, watching a channel requires VDR to operate in transfer
mode. Therefore it selects a device which provides for example a
DVB-S channel. The patched version will choose the NOVA-S with
either implementation /*1*/ or /*2*/.

Let's then start a DVB-S recording on a different transponder.
When implementation /*2*/ would be active, VDR would choose the
SkyStar HD, as the NOVA-S is claimed by transfer mode. Then, try
to switch to a DVB-S2 channel. It wouldn't work, as the SkyStar
HD would be claimed by a DVB-S recording.

That's why I've chosen implementation /*1*/ as default. For the
above scenario, starting a DVB-S recording on a different
transponder will choose the NOVA-S and kick off transfer mode.
Then VDR will look for a card to set up transfer mode again and
it will choose the only remaining card, the SkyStar HD. If you
then try to switch to a DVB-S2 channel, it will work as the
SkyStar HD is not claimed by a recording.

>> The patch is incremental to the original dvbs2 patch from
>> yesterday, i. e. you can simply apply it to your already patched VDR.

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