[vdr] H.264 VPID's

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Jan 15 20:41:19 CET 2008


ShorTie schrieb:

> Many thankz once again Reinhard Nissl, yes it keeps vdr from removing the 1,
> but it kills the video on h.264 channels .. :/~

I do not see, how this can happen due to the cheat.

> I get a picture but no motion and normally a green line across the tv.
> In looking thru messages I see see stuff like this
> ERROR: H264::cContext::ActivateSPS(): id out of range
> ERROR: H264::cContext::DefineSPS(): id out of range
> ERROR: H264::cBitReader::ReadBits(): bitbuffer overflow
> ERROR: H264::cContext::ActivateSPS(): requested SPS is undefined
> ERROR: H264::cContext::ActivatePPS(): requested PPS is undefined
> ERROR: H264::cBitReader::NextByte(): premature end of data
> ERROR: cAudGenerator::Generate(): dropping frame without slices

In case it didn't work (and does still not work) without the
cheat (i. e. you get the same errors), try increasing the
nalUnitDataBuffer a bit in h264parser.c:

>   cParser::cParser(bool OmitPicTiming)
>     : nalUnitDataBuffer(1000)
>   {
>     // the above buffer size of 1000 bytes wont hold a complete NAL unit but
>     // should be sufficient for the relevant part used for parsing.
>     omitPicTiming = OmitPicTiming; // only necessary to determine frames per second
>     Reset();
>   }

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