[vdr] What is H264 Spatial Direct Mode?

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Jan 19 00:06:30 CET 2008


Morfsta schrieb:

> I see a lot of channels that are not supported in VDR because of
> unsupported spatial direct mode in FFMPEG.
> This has probably been covered before (mostly in German!) but Reinhard
> could you explain what is spatial direct mode and why is it currently
> not covered in FFMPEG. Is it quite complex to code up? Do you know if
> there are any plans to support it?

I'm sorry, haven't read in the spec for this issue yet. But it
looks like there is currently no one willing to implement it on
ffmpeg-devel mailing list.

Maybe Igor may post some links which enable xine-lib to use
coreavc. Igor mentioned, that coreavc supports spatial direct mode.

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