[vdr] vdr with one nexus and one S2 tuning problem

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Jan 27 14:34:25 CET 2008


serge pecher schrieb:

>> Jan 27 09:17:32 pccave vdr: [13657] switching to channel 1
>> Jan 27 09:17:32 pccave vdr: [13662] set DVB-S
>> Jan 27 09:17:41 pccave vdr: [13662] frontend 0 timed out while tuning to channel 1, tp 110832
> This one looks OK too. DVB-S channels shall be tuned on DVB-S
> capable devices only, and as a last resort, on DVB-S2 devices.
> But it looks like channel 1 is on ASTRA and therefore you'll get
> a tuning timeout on device 1 (= /dev/dvb/adapter0; frontend 0 =
> /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0) as it is connected to HOTBIRD.
> VDR currently assumes that all DVB-S(2) devices are able to
> deliver all DVB-S(2) channels (actually, it's a bit more
> complex). You'll need a special channel setup to bind channels to
> certain devices.
> [serge pecher] I presume that this is what I have to do, because I would
> like to look at the ASTRA channels with the DVB-S2 device.
> How can I achieve that ?


	man 5 vdr

and have a look at "Conditional access":

> 0001...000F   explicitly requires the device with the given number

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