[vdr] xineliboutput with xxmc: slow OSD

Tony Grant tony at tgds.net
Mon Jan 28 10:30:13 CET 2008

Le lundi 28 janvier 2008 à 09:44 +0100, Ondrej Wisniewski a écrit :

> I am experimenting with xineliboutput using the xxmc video driver for 
> the local sxfe frontend on an EPIA-M10000 board with CLE266. I have the 
> OpenChrome Drivers installed.
> MPEG2 HW decoding seems usually to work, I get around 25% CPU usage. 
> However, when I bring up VDRs OSD everything becomes painfully slow. Why 
> is that? Are there any setup options I can use to make the OSD work 
> decently?

There is a problem with xine, the openchrome driver and VDR. You are too
slow - I am seeing 9-12% CPU with current openchrome even with this bug.

I am using vdr-xine rather than xineliboutput




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