[vdr] #error VDR requires Linux DVB driver API > version 3.3! (was - VDR developer version 1.5.14)

Ales Jurik ajurik at quick.cz
Tue Jan 29 13:00:33 CET 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008, Matthias Fechner wrote:
> I modified now the Makefile and added the following lines after the
> include of the conf file:
> ifdef DVBDIR
> INCLUDES += -I$(DVBDIR)/include
> endif
> For plugins which are using the headerfiles from the new driver I had to
> add the three lines too.
> Is that a bug in the VDR Makefile?

No, for such purposes there is Make.config.template which should be copied to 
Make.config (see doc). 

After line
### You don't need to touch the following:

add something like (depends on your configuration)

DVBDIR   = /usr/local/src/dvb/linux

and all will ok. This file is included by all Makefiles (also by plugins).



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