[vdr] HDTV softdevice

Niels Wagenaar n.wagenaar at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 16 22:51:45 CEST 2008

Op Wo, 16 juli, 2008 21:39, schreef Uwe Kiewel:
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> Hi,


> is there an option to use the softdevice plugin to view HDTV content?

I've tried several non-budget sollutions to get HDTV working with VDR in
combination with my TT S2-3200 budget. With softdevice I wasn't able to
get HDTV output working. However, with Xine plugin and Xineliboutput
plugin I got it working without problems.

> Every time I tune to a HD channel, I get: "No accelerated IMDCT
> transform found"

I use both the Xine frontend as well as the vdr-sxfe (xineliboutput only)
for viewing and both work without any problems on my AMD X2 Dualcore
system with Geforce 8200 IGP (nVidia binary driver with Xv output).

> The result is a black screen, but audio is okay.

Mostly with me it was the other way around. Image was good, audio was lost
after a couple of seconds. I fixed this by using the latest trunks from
the Xine and/or Xinelibout plugin as well as the Xine-lib and Xine-ui

> TIA,
> 	Uwe

I hope you can something with this information,

Niels Wagenaar

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