[vdr] ERROR: video data stream broken

Siegfried Haas siegfried.haas at gmx.net
Wed Jul 23 22:04:30 CEST 2008

Matthias Fechner schrieb:
> Hi Siegfried,
> Siegfried Haas wrote:
>> I´m using vdr1.4.7 on a Suse10.3 with one FF-DVB-S-Card (technotrend 
>> rev.1.3) and one budget DVB-T (winTV nova).
>> Everything worked well until yesterday.
>> When I turned on the TV there was no output on the TV and when one timer 
>> started recording vdr terminated and runvdr tried to start it again - 
>> but the videosignal didn´t come up.
> I had a similar problem like you. I disabled the automatic restart in 
> VDR and then got log entries that video stream is broken and the picture 
>   on the TV stays blank.
> Sometimes after switching it's working sometimes not.
> Recordings are sometimes blank and sometimes full of distortions 
> sometimes they are fine.
> Finally it was a defect FF card. I replaced it and everything worked fine.
> Maybe you have the same problem but before you replace the card you 
> maybe want to check all cable etc. These F-connectors are really ugly.
> Bye,
> Matthias
Thank you very much!
That is exactly the problem. I wondered all the last weeks why there 
were every now and then distortions in the recordings - well and now it 
obviously broke down at last.
I got told something about a broken LNBP16+Elko  that provides the power 
for the F-connector - but I don´t think I am able to replace it without 
damaging the card.

Well, I will have to invest something at last.


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