[vdr] new videocard from ATI with hardware decoding of HD video -UVD2

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ATI is not known for good driver support in Linux
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Subject: [vdr] new videocard from ATI with hardware decoding of HD video -UVD2

> Hi
> AMD/ATI released new videocard HD4850 (RV770 processor) with new UVD2 - unifed video decoder. There's good chanses for support
hdtv decoding video in Linux open source. BTW - in open radeon/xf86-video-ati driver there's support for this card
> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd_evolution&num=3
> Previously we shared that open-source UVD support may be unlikely for the Radeon R600 series due to trouble sharing UVD
documentation without exposing the DRM (Digital Rights Management) coupled within this block. Future product generations may be of a
more modular design, but there's potentially good news surrounding the open-source UVD on the RV770. Its UVD2 design isn't modular,
but AMD's John Bridgman believes there may be a way to open up UVD2 without comprising their DRM obligations. Open-source
CrossFire/CrossFireX is also possible, but we'll save talking about that until the open-source developers have got more 3D work
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