[vdr] Help request: Has -anyone- been able to get vdr working with h264 + coreavc?

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 16:59:52 CEST 2008

I've recently been trying to get this working and so far have not had
any success.  After talking to many people, it seems I'm not alone.
I'm trying to get vdr working with xine + xine-lib 1.1 tree +
dshowserver + coreavc 1.7.  When I tune an h264 channel, I see in the
vdr log:

>> vdr: [1888] cVideoRepacker: operating in H.264 mode".

And in the xine log:

>> load_plugins: plugin dshowserver will be used for video streamtype 4d.
>> No accelerated IMDCT transform found
>> load_plugins: plugin a/52 will be used for audio streamtype 00.
>> audio_alsa_out:open pause_resume=0
>> output sample rate 48000
>> audio jump, diff=101879
>> shm:/dshow_shm.b3181b90
>> sem1:/dshow_sem1.b3181b90
>> sem2:/dshow_sem2.b3181b90
>> Opening device
>> Called unk_IsDebuggerPresent
>> len: 992
>> ProductVersion: 1.7.0
>> Decoder supports the following YUV formats: YUY2 UYVY YV12 I420
>> Decoder is capable of YUV output (flags 0x2b)
>> Setting fmt
>> Starting
>> Initialization is complete
>> set_speed 1000000
>> +++ CLEAR(-2a): sync point: 05
>> dshowserver: called reset
>> NewSegment returned: 00000000
>> dshowserver: reset done
>> ao_flush (loop running: 1)

Furthermore, I can play a sample h264 .ts file with xine no problem.
I don't know if there's a bug in the h264 patch for vdr, or if it has
to do with h264 being stored in mpeg-pes, or that the h264 content I'm
trying to watch is PAFF (although this is definitely supported by
coreavc), or what.  Seems many guys have been trying to get this
working without luck so maybe it's time to ask more knowledgable
people and hope a solution can be found once and for all.

Thanks to all!

specifics of my setup are:

vdr-1.6.0-1 with
patch to add h264 support
xine-0.8.2 plugin
xine-lib 1.1.13 with xine-lib.patch from xine plugin, and dshowserver
patch provided to Darren Salt by Alan Nisota to add dshowserver
xine-ui 0.99.6~cvs-0
dshowserver revision 67
coreavc 1.7 (registered)

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