[vdr] Question about locales

Brian brian_dorling at t-online.de
Mon Jun 30 21:08:15 CEST 2008

Michael Mauch wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> 4. English EPG is shown, mostly correctly. But for example "Her's" is shown as "Her&apos.s".
>>    But, I get that info via xmltv2vdr, so I wonder if the problem is there instead of in vdr.
> That's most probably a problem of xmltv2vdr (or its input data). I don't
> think there's anything in VDR that would translate a perfectly good
> ASCII character into a broken HTML encoding. The apostrophe is at the
> same character position in ASCII, Latin-1 and UTF-8, so there's really
> nothing that could go wrong.
> Maybe you can find that "Her&apos" in the xmltv input data.
>   Michael
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thats the way it turned out. Epg2timers collects the data and apparently the correct
way to store an apostrophe in xml is as '. Xmltv2vdr just passed it on as it was.
After investigating the code I found a method had been provided to translate strings
in the input to other strings in the output and that solved it for me.


Cheers Brian

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