[vdr] portability or VDR on FreeBSD

Joerg Pulz Joerg.Pulz at frm2.tum.de
Thu Mar 6 19:49:29 CET 2008

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Hello list.

As the subject already says, this is about VDR portability, or how to get 
VDR up  and running on a FreeBSD system.
In times where we have such really nice plugins like softdevice and 
streamdev, we no longer need real MPEG2 or DVB hardware in a VDR system.
As i want to use my FreeBSD systems to watch TV or play VDR recordings i 
decided to give porting VDR to FreeBSD a try.
Attached you can find the results.
In short terms: It simply works!
The only missing feature right now is, starting VDR as root and switching 
to another user (-u command line option).
For now it is possible to watch any recording made by a VDR with real 
hardware if the video directory is directly accessible over the network 
(mountable by the client) or the use the streamdev plugin to stream VDR to 
All tests where done using a Linux system with two FF-DVB-S devices, 
streamdev-server plugin and NFS exported video directory plus a wired and 
a wireless FreeBSD-7.0 client running VDR with streamdev-client and 
softdevice plugin.
As far as i could test the whole setup until now, everything works the 
same way on FreeBSD as it does under Linux and i now have real 

The patches are made in a way that a patched VDR will still compile under 
Linux. Every modification, to the source or to the Makefiles is ifdef'd 
out. So unless you say you want to compile VDR for FreeBSD you have an 
unmodified version of source.

In case the ML software strips the attachments, the files are also 
available for download at: ftp://ftp.frm2.tum.de/pub/jpulz/VDR/

Thoughts or comments from others are welcome.


- -- 
The beginning is the most important part of the work.
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