[vdr] segmentation fault in vdr-sxfe

Oliver Joa ojoa at gatrixx.com
Tue Mar 25 17:27:19 CET 2008


i use vdr-sxfe as a client for vdr with the xineliboutput-plugin.
since i upgraded my debian system (testing), i always get a 
segmentation-fault when pressing a key. i start like this:

vdr-sxfe --video sdl "xvdr:tcp://video4:37890"

i can see the actual tv-program but when i press any key to switch to a 
other program or show the menu i get a segmentation fault. if i telnet 
to the server to the control-port and use the command "hitk m" or "hitk 
up/down" i can switch program an see the menu without problem.

does anyone have a idea?



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