[vdr] cvs xineliboutput

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Fri May 2 23:42:02 CEST 2008

> I'm using freevo-1.x from svn.
> I'm using debian and ubuntu. I'm installing kaa and freevo in
> /usr/local/stow and using stow to make it available through the
> standard paths.
> (cd /usr/src/kaa; python setup.py install --prefix
> /usr/local/stow/kaa; cd /usr/local/stow; stow kaa; ldconfig; cd
> /usr/src/freevo; python setup.py install --prefix
> /usr/local/stow/free; cd /usr/local/stow; stow free)
> I then install vdrpylib (although i don't use it)
> And I use a modified freevo-vdr plugin. (but i can't remember where to
> get it)
>> How is this stdin key mapping working?
> The freevo-vdr plugin catches and maps freevo events to vdr actions
> that it passes through stdin.
> (vdr can be controlled through xine when you use vdr or xineliboutput)
> Sorry my english is not helping this evening.
> Just run xine --stdctl 'xvdr://url/...#need_stuff' and type 'eventup'
> (or vdr-sxfe --slave with 'hitk up')
> Anyway if you're are interested i can give you the modified plugin i'm
> using.

Sounds interesting - I've been looking at reskinning my vdr box.  Have been 
using vdr natively with vdr-xine - but need plugins for dvd, mp3, mplayer 
etc to get features I need.  Also the OSD is quite limited and looking a bit 
dated :)

If you could share your modified plugin - that'd be great 

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