[vdr] open dvb-s2 channel on Hotbird - Eurosport HD Promo

Igor Nikanov goga777 at bk.ru
Tue May 20 20:20:52 CEST 2008

> > Hot Bird 7A, 13.0 E
> >
> > Eurosport HD start testing on Hotbird
> > 11278 Ver 27500 2/3 DVB-S2 (8PSK)
> > FTA promo program in moment
> >
> > DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/HD/
> Thanky you for the info, since you post to VDR ml and you certainly
> have tried it,
> why aren't you sending this in channels.conf format ?

Here it is

ESP HD Intl;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3202=en2,3201=eng:0:0:13061:318:400:0
ESP HD Turk;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3203=tur:0:500,B00,1803,100:13063:318:400:0
ESP HD Russian;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3204=rus:0:0:13064:318:400:0
ESP HD Dutch;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3205=ndl:0:0:13065:318:400:0
ESP HD Czech;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3206=CZK:0:0:13066:318:400:0
ESP HD German;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3207=deu;3208=deu:0:0:13067:318:400:0
ESP HD Portuguese;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3209=por:0:0:13069:318:400:0
ESP HD Polish;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3210=pol:0:0:13070:318:400:0
ESP HD Hungarian;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3211=hun:0:0:13071:318:400:0
ESP HD Spanish;CYFRA +:11278:vC23M5O35S1:S13.0E:27500:3000:3212=esl:0:0:13072:318:400:0


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