[vdr] no channel update on vdr 1.7.0

C.Scheeder christoph at scheeder.de
Wed May 21 15:21:42 CEST 2008

Igor schrieb:
>>>>> I did install a second card, S2-3200, together with the multiproto driver
>>>>> and vdr 1.7.0, without patches at this moment, because I am not interested
>>>>> in HD at this time. I am just looking to have 2 cards working to be able
>>>>> to stream on several vdr clients and use the output of my FF card. The S2
>>>>> card is on astra, and the FF on hotbird
>>>>> I started with a  clean  vdrconf directory, and with a channel.conf with
>>>>> only 1 entry (TV5) on hotbird. I hoped that vdr would scan new channels,
>>>>> but it did only for a few.
>>>>> After starting the first time, it scanned about 10 new channels and stops
>>>>> there. In the DVB menu, update stands on  add new transponder 
>>>>> I did try with an other channel.conf. I can see every FTA channel on
>>>>> hotbird, but I have a black screen on astra (nothing as  channel not
>>>>> available ).
>>>>> The log does nt learn me something either. In fact the log is flooded by
>>>>> kernel messages about stb6100 that get_frequence and bandwith. The
>>>>> frequence are always the same.
>>>>> -why is the  autoscan  not working ? Do I need some  transponder file  ?
>>>>> -how can I check the signal on my S2-3200 card ?
>>>>> -how can I reduce the logs from stb6100 ?
>>>>> -do I need to apply a concurrent recording patch to be able to stream 2 or
>>>>> more signals ?
>>>> Errm,
>>>> you say you have two FF-Cards, one connected to an LNB poniting hotbird
>>>> and one connected to another LNB pointing to Astra?
>>> no, he has one FF card, second one is budget card TT3200
>>> Igor
>> Ok, but this does not make any difference in this situation, it will plain NOT work, as long as each 
>> card is hard-wired to only one of the LNBs.
>> To get channelsacn working he will have to patch vdr (probably by himself) 
> OK
>> or get at least one switch to get both satelites to both of his cards.
> sorry, I don't understand how is it proceed ? How is it possible to connect two or more cards to two or more LNB's.
Hm, back to basics of satreception...
if you want more then one satelite you will need a so called diseq-switch, it has 2 ore more 
connectors for lnb's and one for a sat-receiver/card. you need such a switch to connect multiple 
lnb's to one receiver/card of vdr.
if you want to connect another card to these lnb's youlneed 3 so called twin-lnb's (these habe two 
signal-outputs) and another diseq-switch.
This is the way it's done regularly.

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