[vdr] Weak TNT signal on vdr : how to mesure ?

kafifi kafifi at orange.fr
Wed May 21 22:42:49 CEST 2008


I recently added a NOVA-T500 to my vdrbox. Unfortunately, even if the
picture is really nice,
I've some freezes because the TNT signal is weak (I am in 50km of the Eiffel
Tower...).I ordered
a 0.4 dB low noise preamplifier (ULNA 3036 from TGN-Technology) to improve
my installation.

Actually, Femon is mesuring only the strengh value (here about 60%), but not
the rate of error.
I need the two informations to fix my installation.

Do you know any patch for Femon, or any utilities under Linux which can
displays all TNT
signal informations ?

Thank you.

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