[vdr] xmltv2vdr - where's the data?

Jelle De Loecker skerit at kipdola.com
Mon May 26 11:40:27 CEST 2008

Geoff Horn schreef:
> I've got xmltv2vdr 1.7 almost working on my Ubuntu Hardy box and it even seems 
> to be transferring the data. The problem is that it never ends up in the epg. 
> The file epg.data only ever contains the now/next data that it acquired from 
> the tv transmissions.
> During the xmltv2vdr update I get lines like this:
>  110 event(s) sent for BBC FOUR
> But where did it go? Any hints gratefully accepted
Hi Geoff,

You have xmltv2vdr 1.7? I only found a year-old script, version 1.0.7, 
which was intended for VDR 1.4.x and "may" work with VDR 1.5.x ...
Where did you get this version from?


Jelle De Loecker

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