[vdr] Small VDR-streamdev patch for Popcorn Hour NMT

Helge Lenz h.lenz at gmx.de
Wed Nov 5 13:02:22 CET 2008

Frank Schmirler schrieb:
> On Tue, 4 Nov 2008 15:31:21 +0100, jori.hamalainen wrote
>> PCH itself supports multiple audio (and subtitle) tracks at least on 
>> other formats - but I believe that with VDR it might not be working. 
>> I need to test this more when I get back to my PCH.
>> http://www.hdd-player.de/syabas/showthread.php?tid=1777&page=1
>> I don't know if this URL recommendation is because of the initial 
>> tests made by some guys where they received video but not audio. I 
>> think this +1 as a default might become a problem with channels with 
>> multiple sound tracks. Maybe there could be additional feature that 
>> do not automatically add +1 if count.apid > 1?
> As of PES, without a "+audio_pid_index" all audio and dolby pids will be
> streamed. So on a channel with only one audio pid, a "+1" won't make any
> difference. For channels with multiple audio/dolby pids, the streamdev html
> page already contains specific links for each. Look for the <a>-tags with
> class apid and dpid respectively. Rather add the vod/prebuf/tvid attributes there.
> With ES it's obvious that you get either video or audio, never both at the
> same time. By default (without +index) you get the video pid. If there is none
> (radio channel) you get the first audio pid.
> According to an open bug report, PS actually sends PES.
> Finally TS normally doesn't consider the actual audio pid. It streams most
> relevant pids (not only audio and video) according to the PMT. This format
> should be the best choice. It may not have worked by the time the guy at the
> NMT forum tried the first time, as streamdev didn't have a PAT repacker by
> that time. It is part of streamdev 0.3.4. Have you tried TS?
The TS from the streamdev is not recognized by the PCH (neither SD nor 
HD). I tried to remux SD through vlc and this works quite well. I assume 
that the PCH only supports a certain "flavour" of TS packets because if 
you remux HD material with a TS-Remuxer for the PCH (see 
http://www.hdd-player.de/syabas/showthread.php?tid=2285 or 
http://www.hdd-player.de/syabas/showthread.php?tid=3353 ) it works. 
Maybe it would be a solution to patch the streamdev plugin in a way that 
it generates a TS valid for the PCH.
>>>> - Added suffix for URL (TS w/ "C-123-123-123.ts or S-12-123-123.ts", 
>>>> ".ps", ".vdr" for PES and ".mpeg" for ES, extern no suffix)
>>> I wonder why these are needed?
>> I think PCH uses filename based analyzing for stream type 
>> recognition. It was at the web forum above that URL like 
>> "/PES/*.vdr" should work.
> I doubt that *.vdr is known as an official filename extension for PES files.
> Maybe any (possibly otherwise unknown) extension would do? Could you verify that? 
PCH supports VDR recordings since firmware 080221. The VDR PES format is 
not really "detected" but the *.vdr extension is used to recognize it.
>> So I guess if you see it possible to add this into tree - please do 
>> it. But if you see adding filename suffix a bad decision then don't. 
>> For my own experiments I can do this patching manually. And the 
>> patch is already out there for interested people to find.
> Filename suffixes have already been suggested a while ago. I'd be fine with
> them if they are necessary.
>> Now the problem is that h.264 streaming is not working. It should 
>> happen via TS-container? And for this probably streamdev should be 
>> modified. I cannot tell why it is not working as PCH does not give 
>> any clue on it. Just returns to menu.
It is a problem of the TS itself, if you remux it with TS-Doctor or 
TS4Np it works quite well (see above).

> Haven't checked if the PES remuxer actually supports h.264. TS would be a
> better choice anyway.
> Good luck,
> Frank
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