[vdr] vdr in new zealand

Klaus Gerding vdr at gerding.net
Sat Nov 15 00:13:08 CET 2008

Simon Baxter wrote:
>> hi friends,
>> is there somebody out using vdr in new zealand?
>> if so, can you send me your channels list?
>> i just moved here and want to use worlds famous
>> vcr in this beautiful country.
>> cheers,
>> klaus
> I gather you're using the pvrinput plugin and a PVR-150 or something?

in germany i used two full featured nexus dvb-s cards.
that's what is plugged to my computer for now.

is there a satellite providing digital tv in new zealand?


> If you're in a TelstraClear area (Wellington, Kapiti and Chch), you can 
> pick up the analog channels (for now) off the cable.  channels.conf will 
> look something like:
> TV1-Cable:112250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:1796:0:1031:0
> TV2-Cable:119250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:1908:0:1032:0
> TV3-Cable:126250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:2020:0:1033:0
> Prime-Cable:189250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:3028:0:1018:0
> You can also use w_pvrscan and get channel mappings.
> Simon

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