[vdr] Help with: vdr-1.7.1 + s2api + h264

Dieter Hametner dh+vdr at gekrumbel.de
Thu Nov 20 21:42:43 CET 2008


Am Donnerstag, 20. November 2008 schrieb syrius.ml at no-log.org:
> Goga777 <goga777 at bk.ru> writes:
> > Hi
> >
> > I couldn't run properly vdr 171 + s2api + extension patch + s2api patch +
> > h.264patch that's why I keep vdr 170 + s2api patch + h.264patch
> There's a git repository for vdr at http://git.gekrumbel.de/?p=vdr.git
> Wouldn't it be appropriate to use it to maintain a working
> vdr+s2+h264 source tree ?

I'm maintaining that aforementioned git repository. I didn't want to host 
different versions of VDR in this git repository (except the 'original 
sources' git).

This repository is intended to be used as a source for cloning own git 
repositories and pulling upcoming development changes provided by Klaus 
Schmidinger. If you clone it to a public git hoster (or publish it on some 
own server) and add the various patches (s2api, h.264 etc.), it will be easy 
for others to retrieve already patched versions of VDR to their local 

If I get informed of such a repository I will be happy to add a link on my VDR 
git hosting site, to inform others about the patched VDR git existence.

Look at git homepage http://git.or.cz/ for a list of public git hosting 

Kind regards

Dieter Hametner                    dh (plus) vdr (at) gekrumbel (dot) de
live plugin developer              http://live.vdr-developer.org

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