[vdr] xineliboutput sxfe / xxmc / via / EPIA ML6000 : great !

Nicolas Huillard nicolas at huillard.net
Sat Nov 22 12:04:17 CET 2008

Hi all,

I'd like to report that I'm really impressed by the new setup I now 
have. The most problematic thing was proper transparent OSD which would 
not eat much CPU. I must tell that the xxmc (XVMC-VLD) decoding is 
nearly perfect, the OSD is fully transparent on this, and does not take 
any CPU at all, and the system is on par with softdevice.

My current setup :
* diskless system : EPIA ML6000 / 600MHz, 512MB, diskless, 100Mbps 
Ethernet, 12V power supply, no fan, no noise : 25W off the wall while 
decoding video
* NFS root FS on the always-on server : fully Debian etch with e-tobi 
repository, no self compiled package, except kernel-source package for LIRC
* VDR 1.6.0-2
* xineliboutput 1.0.3
* streamdev-client 0.3.4
* skinsoppalusikka 1.6.2
* femon 1.6.3

BTW : CPU usage was 2% when decoding SDTV MPEG2 video only, with no Alsa 
sound setup, and climbed to 20% when Alsa was finally configured and 
working. That's a bit strange to think that audio is 9x more 
CPU-intensive than video ;-) (I think it may also be a big slice of 
synchronization delays)

Kudo to everyone involved in VDR, at all levels !

(problems/crashes reports will be for another day/post)


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