[vdr] femon 1.6.3 - some remarks

Goga777 goga777 at bk.ru
Sat Nov 22 18:59:58 CET 2008

> >>> in BITRATE field I can see only ---(6 Mbit/s)
> > I can see without any problem video/audio bitrate on the top right of OSD (that's why the bitrate is parsed at the
> > moment correctly) , but I don't see video/audio bitrate below in OSD
> Sorry, I don't quite get your explanation, but femon shows two different 
> bitrates: one in the status window is always a calculated bitrate and in 
> the bigger detailed information window there are both the nominal 
> bitrate parsed from the video stream ("---" above) and the calculated 
> one in brackets ("6 MBit/s" above). The calculated bitrate is always
> available if enabled in setup as it simply calculates the data rate of a
> selected pid in defined time period. The nominal bitrate is kind of 
> maximum bitrate value as a hint for the decoder.

ok, I see.

btw - here's you can have a look on screenshots with femon 163 + vdr 170 + s2api patch + h264 patch 


> > the same problem was described on our Russian-vdr forum from other vdr user. It wasn't happened on previous femon
> > versions. I will not be able to run vanilla vdr 170 because I have s2api drivers
> As I already told you, the femon doesn't support >= vdr-1.7.0 (yet), so 
> does this hang happen also in the latest vdr-1.6.0 series?

no, with early femon and vdr version I didn't note this vdr hung up 


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