[vdr] New Video Decode and Presentation API from NVidia

Niels Wagenaar n.wagenaar at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 24 17:05:58 CET 2008

Op Ma, 24 november, 2008 16:50, schreef VDR User:
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 4:53 AM, Nicolas Huillard <nicolas at huillard.net>
> wrote:
>> It seems that things are really moving, and VDR-HD may finally work with
>> cheap hardware by the time HD material is commonplace.
> You must live under a rock if HD content isn't already common where
> you live/from your provider!  Here is NA there's tons of HD channels,
> with many more coming soon.

Only, in the US most of the HDTV transports don't use H264. At least, I
heard from several people that it's HDTV through MPEG2. Over here (Europe)
it's mostly HDTV through H264 (only a very small number of MPEG2 HDTV
channels over here).

And H264 is the real problem over here and it all comes down to CPU
decoding (FFMpeg or CoreAVC for Linux) or by using a device like the Reel
HD Extension.

Currently I need to use a Core 2 Quad (Q6600 @ 2.40GHz) to get decent and
stutter-free H264 decoding using software (FFMpeg SVN, Xine-lib 1.2,
Xine-UI and vdr-xine plugin). With my Core 2 Duo (E7300 @ 2.53Ghz) I
didn't had enough juice (stuttering, framedrops, etc).

That's why I do enjoy all this news about hardware accelerated H264
decoding on the GPU. Most of the motherboards have a GPU with this kind of
features, to bad we can't use it in Linux/Xorg :(


Niels Wagenaar

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