[vdr] New Video Decode and Presentation API from NVidia

Niels Wagenaar n.wagenaar at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 25 09:29:53 CET 2008

Op Di, 25 november, 2008 03:59, schreef VDR User:
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Nicolas Huillard <nicolas at huillard.net>
> wrote:
>> It's still good news to know that open-source software allowing current
>> fanless integrated motherboards to decode HDTV at ~10% CPU is on its
>> way...
>> Going from 87% of 2 cores, to ~10% of an entry level CPU is good,
>> specially when the load is taken care of by existing chips.

I agree on that point. I would rather have ~10% or ~20% then the regular
57% per core on my Core 2 Quad system when I view H264 channels of my

> Yes, I agree.  Just pointing out that you certainly do not need a quad
> core, that's all.  Also, the price of the cpu is the same whether
> you're using 87% or 10% of it. ;)  The point is you can already have
> cheap HDTV without using the new Nvidia api.

Well, in my case I do. When I view BBCHD, ArteHD, AnixeHD or the AstraHD
channels I don't encounter many problems. Image is clear and no stutter.
But as soon as I watch the 1080i/H264 channels of my provider (Canal
Digitaal) on Astra 23.5e, I have major stuttering. BravaTV in HD doesn't
have much problems, but NGC HD and Discovery HD is an other matter. My
Core 2 Duo just couldn't handle it with FFMPeg and Xine-lib 1.2. But since
I've put in a Core 2 Quad, I'm able to watch those channels even with fast
moving images :)

>> I'd like to have full-HDTV on a single x86 mini-ITX board. I'm now
>> seeing this will happen soon enough, and I'll wait until then before I
>> spend money on new hardware.
> Yes it's nice!  My goal is diskless, fanless, low power consumption
> dedicated HDTV box.  Very small, very low cost!

I again agree :) I would like an additional HDTV box in my bedroom. It
needs to have the options you wrote. But I don't want a Popcorn or some
other kind of device. I want the option to enhance it myself (flexability)
so I'm waiting desperately for GPU based decoding of H264 and VC-1
transport streams :)

Niels Wagenaar

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