[vdr] xineliboutput sxfe / xxmc / via / EPIA ML6000 : great !

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Tue Nov 25 16:15:42 CET 2008

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 14:39:19 +0100, Nicolas Huillard wrote
> Frank Schmirler a écrit :
> > Current via-rhine drivers have a module option to fix this:
> > For older kernes there's a patch: http://lkml.org/lkml/2004/9/17/242
> I was sure it wouldn't hurt to ask on this ML...
> Next question : where should I put this ?
> says I should insert it in the initrd, but it's a bit difficult in 
> my case (the same kernel/initrd is shared by many clients)...

Clients which do not have a via_rhine card will ignore the parameter. So it's
safe to enable it for all clients.

> I'd try to insert it on the PXE kernel command-line, but it's 
> explicitely ignored by the kernel :
> ml6000 kernel: Unknown boot option `via_rhine.avoid_D3=1': ignoring
> ...or implicitely, when I just add "avoid_D3=1" (ie. PXE does not 
> boot after the next shutdown)

You would use "via_rhine.avoid_D3=1" if the driver was builtin to the kernel.

When built as a module, it depends on how the modules are loaded.

In an initrd sometimes insmod is used. It accepts module options on the
commandline (insmod via_rhine avoid_D3=1).

If modprobe is used, specify "options via-rhine avoid_D3=1" in
/etc/modprobe.conf (or a file in /etc/modprobe.d/). You must do it in the
/etc/ directory which is mounted by the time modprobe is executed (so probably
inside of your initrd).


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