[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-spider-0.2.2

Thomas Günther tom1 at toms-cafe.de
Sun Nov 30 02:06:13 CET 2008


There is a new version of the 'Spider Arachnid' plug-in.

Download: http://toms-cafe.de/vdr/spider/vdr-spider-0.2.2.tgz

Changes since version 0.2.1:
- Updated Italian language texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
- Updated Spanish language texts (thanks to Bittor Corl).

'Spider Arachnid' is an implementation of the best patience game played
on the On Screen Display of the VDR. See the project's homepage for
details: http://www.toms-cafe.de/vdr/spider/


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