[vdr] Regression from a fix in VDR 1.4.1: Needless blocking of CAM DVB cards

Jörn Reder joern at zyn.de
Sun Nov 30 22:22:43 CET 2008


I recently upgraded to VDR from 1.4 to 1.6.0 and sadly there is a 
regression from a bug which was fixed in VDR 1.4.1. The problem is 
described (with patches) in this thread:


The changelog entry of the fix:

2006-08-13: Version 1.4.1-4

- Changed the way a device is selected for receiving in
  order to keep devices with CAMs better available, even
  if this means recording on the primary device (reported
  by Jörn Reder; thanks to Anssi Hannula for improving
  handling Transfer Mode devices in this).

With vdr 1.4 this worked perfectly, now with 1.6 VDR always prefers my 
Budget CI card for recordings so I can't view any Pay TV when a 
recording is active.

Obivously I vote for changing 1.6 to the old behaviour again ;)



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