[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] pvr350-2008-09-07

Martin Dauskardt md001 at gmx.de
Sat Oct 4 18:50:43 CEST 2008

Today I announced this version in the german vdrportal forum.  The last time I 
announced a new pvr350 plugin-version here in the ML was June 2007. So it is 
time to write here again to keep the non-german-speaking users informed.

The pvr350-plugin implements an output device for the PVR350 TV out, using the 
hardware mpeg2 decoder.


Look into the HISTORY for the many changes since June 2007.

Attention: The plugin does not work properly with vdr 1.7.1: 
vdr now simply strips the TS headers and sends the payload to the usual 
PlayVideo() and PlayAudio() functions. The PES packets have no longer a size 
of 2kB, and the PES audio ID is always 0. The pvr350 hardware decoder and/or 
the ivtv driver cannot handle this. We would need a lot of additional code - 
time will see ...

For watching analogue TV from the tuner of the PVR350 you need a second plugin 
as input device. This is pvrinput, and as there is also a new version, I will 
announce it in a separate mail.

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