[vdr] Freeview+ aka TV-Anytime Patch (updated)

Dave P vdr at pickles.me.uk
Sun Oct 5 17:05:31 CEST 2008

On Sunday 05 October 2008, Gavin Hamill wrote:

> Interesting stuff :)
> I don't suppose it's possible to implement this as a plugin rather than
> a patch to VDR's core? Is there not enough core exposed via the plugin
> API?
> I can't see the patch going into VDR core any time because it's focused
> squarely at UK users only and Klaus would never have a use for it
> (unlike the Premiere-specific multi-angle support) so I'm worried that a
> lot of users will be missing out, especially if they use a packaged VDR.

I started writing it as a plugin but quickly ran into problems. 

The patch has to intercept the TVAnytime descriptors out of the EIT. That 
is certainly possible from a plugin, but would involve duplicating a lot 
of core code, and I wonder what the performance impact would be on a slow 
machine. In any event the libsi code would need changing to recognise the 
new descriptors (though maybe Klaus might accept that).

The code then needs to store the CRIDs and Default Authority values, and 
the existing channels.conf and epg.data files are the obvious places to 
put them - there is AFAIK no hook to change these files or the data 
structures behind them. That also allows the SVDRP interface to be used to 
build high-level applications.


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