[vdr] for ffmpeg-devels needs the problem h.264 samples

Mattia Rossi mattia at technologist.com
Tue Oct 7 10:10:35 CEST 2008

On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 16:30 +0100, Morfsta wrote:

> Anyway, I have moved to Reel Multimedia's eHD card in my VDR box ...
> which is nice. I might write up my experiences on it thus far if
> anyone is actually interested. There's not much English chat out there
> on this card, mostly in German on vdr portal and reel's own portal.
> Cheers,
> Morfsta

Hi Morfsta,
I would definitely be interested in 'Comparing notes'.
I have bought an eHD card too, and got as far as having video out both
the hdmi and s-video  connector, but cannot, for the life of me, have
both audio (analog and dolby digital) out, either on the dedicated eHD
output pin, or in the motherboard sound card.
I also tried choosing audio out over the hdmi connector and buying an
HDMI audio/video splittre, but with that route I get no audio at all.

I tried looking for some documentation but, sadly, it doesn't look like
it exists, and the forum are all for German speakers.
I also tried looking at the plugin code but there are no evident
comments, and the only parameter I was able to play with was the AC3
one, that causes either only analog or only digital audio to be output
over either the sound card or the s/pdif out of the eHD card.

So far, I haven't dedicated a lot of time at the issue (I still have
everything in my vdr test machine, and have another one perfectly
working ;) but I would really like to dig a little bit deeper into the



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