[vdr] Freeview+ aka TV-Anytime Patch (updated)

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Tue Oct 7 14:12:59 CEST 2008

On 10/07/08 02:18, Malcolm Caldwell wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 11:11 +0200, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 10/06/08 11:06, Laz wrote:
>>> On Monday 06 Oct 2008, Frank Scherthan wrote:
>>>> Laz schrieb:
>>>>> On Sunday 05 Oct 2008, Gavin Hamill wrote:
>>>>>> On Sun, 2008-10-05 at 15:10 +0100, Dave P wrote:
>>>>> On another Freeview specific note, I'd love to have my channels
>>>>> renumbered to their "proper" Freeview numbers. At the moment, I have
>>>>> to go through and move them about by hand every time something
>>>>> changes! I don't think there is currently any support for assigning
>>>>> channels a specific number within vdr (probably not much point with
>>>>> gazillions of satellite channels but more useful with the handful of
>>>>> terrestrial Freeview ones in the UK).
>>>> man 5 vdr:
>>>> A group delimiter can also be used to just set the next channel’s
>>>> number, without an explicit delimiter text, as in
>>>>        :@201
>>> That's what I mean by "doing it by hand"! My channels.conf is littered 
>>> with those!
>>> ;)
>>> Would be nice if each channel entry had a field for channel number 
>>> instead, especially when they helpfully decide to move a channel!
>>> It's also the way "real" set-top boxes do it. I think "scan" can output 
>>> the channel numbers to a vdr-readable channels.conf but I think that just 
>>> puts in a :@1, :@2, :@3, etc. every other line. Just doesn't seem neat to 
>>> me, especially as the channel numbers are broadcast.
>>> I did start looking at this a while back but never got very far: might 
>>> have another go...
>> I don't think it makes any sense to put actual channel numbers into
>> each channel's line in channels.conf. For one, what if different
>> providers want to use the same channel numbers? And: what if channels
>> are moved around, inserted or deleted?
> It might not make sense in your environment.

It certainly doesn't - with several providers and mixed DVB-S and DVB-T
channels the idea of each provider wanting to dictate channel numbers is
just not feasible.

> In the UK and here in Australia there are fixed, advertised channel
> numbers.

Well, if you have only a single provider and/or transmission method, I
can see that you might identify a channel by its number.

> It makes sense if something is advertised as being on channel 20, then
> pressing '2' and then '0' should tune to that channel.  "Makes sense"
> means that "I can describe it to my wife".
>> The channel numbers are implicitly derived from the position of each
>> channel in the channels.conf file. Offsets can be suggested with :@nnn
>> lines, but are only hints and may be ignored if there are too many
>> channels before them to actually implement the desired numbers.
> Maybe I should try to explain this to my wife instead?

You can number your channels in whatever way you want, with the existing
means implemented in VDR - it just doesn't happen automatically. So there's
no need to explain anythign to your wife, if you just sort your channels
the right way ;-)

Are these channel numbers broadcast in a way that's covered in the
DVB SI standard? If so, I see no reason why VDR shouldn't (optionally)
use them when sorting channels. But they sure have no place in channels.conf,
in there I would still use :@nnn lines to set the offsets.


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