[vdr] for ffmpeg-devels needs the problem h.264 samples

hudo kkow 2manybills at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 03:45:02 CEST 2008

2008/10/7 Goga777 <goga777 at bk.ru>:
>> On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Goga777 <goga777 at bk.ru> wrote:
>> > let's improve ffmpeg together !
>> Bah! After being trashed by Michael Niedermayer on the FFMPEG list
>> after mentioning bugs with PAFF interlacing and uploading test content
>> etc that never seemed to be even acted upon, I don't see why anyone
>> would be interested in helping the ffmpeg devs!
> I have sent to them several samples in Septmeber :)
>> Anyway, I have moved to Reel Multimedia's eHD card in my VDR box ...
>> which is nice.
> great
>>I might write up my experiences on it thus far if
>> anyone is actually interested.
> yes, it's really intersting. Please, don't modest :)
> Goga

Well... Michael at ffmpeg sometimes can be somewhat of an ass. That's
life. And yes, he is rude! That's the "works for me" feature present
in almost all free software.

Most importantly: ffmpeg supports a huge amount of codecs and h264
PAFF is just one of them (a variant, at least). Sure, some h264
content doesn't play right. Is it important? Yes. To me h264 PAFF is
important. I live in Europe, so...

Now to the eHD.
I've already owned some cards that proposed to do similar things. Not
on HD contect, but similar. And I can tell you that a software
solution is almost always better. Here's why: evolution. Software
tends to evolve faster that hardware. And hardware, after you bought
it doesn't change. Software can be further developed.

With this in mind I think that a perfect - almost - solution is GPU
assisted HD decoding. And for that I must hope that ATI and Nvidia
keep their roadmaps and launch those long-desired drivers. Just think
about it. You can play, decode and encode with the same card.

Now, I have been working and tweaking with ffmpeg, trying what Goga
posted at ffmpeg bugtracker and ended up with the same results. Some
HD content play is broken. But most things work fine. About 98 DVB-S
and DVB-S2 channels present on my vdr box play just perfect.

> Also on news (don't know how trustworthy the source is but..):

> http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/multimedia/display/20080902113646_ATI_to_Enable
> _High_Definition_Video_Playback_on_Linux_Based_Computers.html
> Ati's roadmap:
> http://www.techpowerup.com/71277/AMD_Software_Roadmap_Surfaces_HDCP_Content_
> in_Linux.html
> Let's hope those "OEM only" drivers are repackaged soon to more general
> usage.
> I hope Nvidia answers with similar features on their drivers. I just hope
> that
> they both make possible to use 50.000000000000Hz refresh rates on driver.

> So I am holding my decision (eHD, ATI, Nvidia) for a couple of months more.
> I've been experimenting HD since 2003, so I am patient..

> //Jori

I agree. I have relatively recent ATI and NVIDIA cards to test. I'm
gonna wait for a software based solution to my present hardware.
Spending an extra €150 on a new card that *just* decodes HD content is
*not* in my plans. Meanwhile, I agree with Goga: we should report the
bugs and more feedback to ffmpeg bugtracker. They have other
developers other that Michael and most of them are nice, polite


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