[vdr] "Broken pipe" error in svdrp

JJussi linux-dvb at jjussi.com
Sat Oct 18 10:38:04 CEST 2008

My log file have lines:
Oct 18 11:15:01 htpc noad[11363]: Saturday,18.10.2008 11:15:01 start 
noad-0.6.0 for /data/tv-rec/Uutiset/Tv-uutiset/2008-10-
Oct 18 11:15:02 htpc vdr: [10411] ERROR (svdrp.c,413): Broken pipe

So, every time when noad has started, vdr says that there is "Broken pipe".  
This error happen in  
bool cSVDRP::Send(const char *s, int length)

Should something be fixed in my system or in source code?
VDR system is 1.7.0


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