[vdr] Syncearly + subtitles problem

Josce josce at welho.com
Mon Oct 20 19:48:33 CEST 2008

At 11:40 20-10-2008 +0200, you wrote:
>On Monday 20 of October 2008, Hannu Tirkkonen wrote:
>> Josce wrote:
>>> I am having problems with subtitles:
>>> - vdr 1.6.0
>>> - vdr-1.5.18-h264-syncearly-framespersec-audioindexer-fielddetection-speedup.diff - vdr-1.6.0-truecolor-compile_fixes.diff
>>> - reelbox plugin 
>>> The subtitles appear 6-10 seconds too early, which is really annoying.
>>> Tested the recordings on a vdr 1.6.0 + FF without the patches and the
>>> subtitles were displayed correctly.
>>> I imagine it has something to do with the syncearly, but can't say for
>>> sure. Can I somehow disable the syncearly part of the patches to verify
>>> that this indeed is the problem. ( I need the patches because I can't
>>> compile vdr + reelbox plugin without them )
>> The subtitles and ttxtsubs are in sync when watching live... but
>> The same problem with too early exists on recordings.
>> vdr 1.7.0 with reelbox plugin 9044:
>> VDR-Extensions-Patch-62/vdr-1.7.0_extensions.diff
>> DR-Extensions-Patch-62/vdr-1.7.0-ext_h264.diff
>> vdr170-ext-h264-rmm-svn8858-patch.diff
>> There's a ReplayDelay option on ttxtsubs, but is it
>> possible to get the (customized) delay also for the subtitles as well?
>I don't see such problem:
>vdr-1.7.0 with reelbox plugin 9044
>- vdr-1.7.0-h264-syncearly-framespersec-audioindexer-fielddetection-speedup
>- vdr170-h264-rmm-svn8858-patch

Glad to hear that it works for you :)

Checked out reelbox plugin 9053 and I still have the problem.
When and where was this fixed? Should I re-install all reelbox files?

If I want to apply a quick fix, how can I delay the subtitles?
The subtitles seems to be 6-7 seconds too early.
I have recorded a very good German film that I'd like to watch, but
my German is still not good enough so sometimes I need a little 
help from the subtitles to be able to follow the plot

Having said that, a setting that would enable me to always have the
subtitles delayed a little would be a very nice feature. This would
help me improve my German. When watching German films I could always
first try to understand the speech and when there is something that I 
don't understand I could read the subtitles.


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