[vdr] VDR and multicast streaming

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Tue Oct 21 11:48:45 CEST 2008

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008 09:13:15 +0200, Theunis Potgieter wrote
> What is exactly involved in changing it from streaming to multi-
> casting, isn't it just changing the IP destination? Or does it 
> require repacking it from mpeg2-ts to something else? Sorry if this 
> is a stupid question.

We are not limited to TS here - any of the formats streamdev can remux to
should do.

I'd say the following things are required:
- Use UDP instead of TCP for streaming (is it just switching from SOCK_STREAM
to SOCK_DGRAM or do we need to do something more, e.g. fixed/max. packet sizes?)
- Provide some way to select the channel for multicast transmission and stop
it when it's no longer needed (probably via streamdev http server menu. Or do
these kinds of settop boxes support some sort of control protocol to
enable/disable the stream?)


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