[vdr] Syncearly + subtitles problem

Josce josce at welho.com
Tue Oct 21 16:17:45 CEST 2008

>> The reason for this is explained here:
>> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2008-October/018072.html
>> So now we just have to be patient and hope that someone who knows how to
>> fix it fixes it.
>I've read this mail but now I've done test recording 47mins long (National 
>Geographic, UPC, 19.2E) and when replaying it (without using any speed change 
>within replaying) the dvb-subtitles were in sync for whole 47 minutes.
>So I do not understand why the problems appears only at specific channels.

Are you sure that this recording doesn't have the subtitle "burned in"?
What happens when you turn off the dvb-subtitle support in VDR?


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