[vdr] OT: VDR for grandparents

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at theinternet.de
Sun Oct 26 11:33:11 CET 2008

Hello Paul,

> has anyone on this list any experience in setting up VDR for older
> people like grandparents? It would be nice, if she/he could share
> her/his experience or point me to information on the WWW.

I have experience with second best thing after grandparents. A 
totally clueless user.

Since I have setup VDR as the backend sitting near the dish, and 
added a MediaMVP box next to the TV set, she can use it, record 
stuff, delete recording, everything.

We are using the Hauppauge MediaMVP together with the 
vdr-plugin-vompserver on the VDR system.
Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
PGP Key ID: 0x83E1C2EA

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