[vdr] What ever happened to...

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Sun Oct 26 15:09:49 CET 2008

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Well, I like the idea of taking the plain VDR and a FF DVB card
> and have it run "out of the box", without having to fiddle around
> with any plugins ;-)

This is not really a good point any more, since at least latest 
development 1.7.x builds wont work without a custom kernel and custom 
DVB drivers and headers.

And if you really want to avoid the -P dvb, you could still add some 
auto-magical plugin load mechanism for it, or a way to optionally 
statically link certain plugins into the VDR binary. (hmm, sounds 

> It's not like I'm generally against making dvbdevice.c a plugin, but
> if it's needed in most cases, anyway, where's the point?
> Or do most implementations *not* use DVB devices?

For me, only one of the three VDR systems I frequently use has real DVB 
devices. One is a streamdev/nfs client, and the third is a local disk 
playback VDR only. (that annoys me with "channel not available" 
messages. :) )

With unpatched 1.7.1, I would have to build custom kernels and unused 
drivers for each of them, while with a DVB plugin, VDR would not depend 
on special DVB devices at all.

Of course this would also allow to keep an old DVB API plugin for those 
with no HD plans in the near future.

Also, it would reduce the linux dependency of VDR. Or did someone ever 
do a BSD or Solaris port of VDR?



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